Christie Captiva Models

Captiva. An instant answer to small-space laser projection

When throws are short and space is tight the last thing you want is a hot and noisy projector.
But you still want large, high impact, images.

In the past compromise was inevitable, but no longer. Christie Captiva’s laser phosphor projection
and ultra short throw capability means 100” images, high brightness and 3D capability in one
elegant, cool, quiet and trouble-free package. One that starts in an instant.

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Christie Captiva Touch

The Captiva light touch curtain

This feature works in combination with Christie Captiva Series’ built-in camera to allow users to
interact with the image on the screen when used in front projection mode. Depending on the screen
material, the audience can either use their fingers or a soft-tipped stylus (included). The Captiva Touch
module quickly installs inside the edges of the white board or on the wall above the image.

Captiva Windows Mac

Where space is a premium

Confined spaces like classrooms, conference rooms, and retail can really benefit from Captiva’s ultra short throw lens set-up. The compact Captiva can be installed inverted (via wall mount), on a table top and horizontally or vertically. Captiva also boasts wireless connectivity. The free EZview app enables you to connect to the projector via a dongle to your mobile phone, tablet PC or desktop.

On and off in an instant

No need to wait for warm up and ready to move the moment you switch off. Captiva’s instant on, instant
off, means the projector is always ready to use, wherever you need to use it. Captiva has many other
features to enhance your installation.

3D capable standard feature

3D capable standard feature
– no upgrade needed

10 watt speaker

10 watt


2nd HDMI input
on bottom of projector
for ceiling installs



Captiva features and specifications

1-chip 0.65” DMD

0.65” DMD

3,500 centre lumens

centre lumens

1920 x 1080 (HD)

1920 x 1080

Only 5.5 kg (12.1lbs)

Only 5.5 kg

LxWxH (mm) 310 x 383 x 103

LxWxH (mm)
310 x 383 x 103

80-100" diagonal image size

80-100″ diagonal
image size

Microphone input


10 watt speaker

10 watt

3D capable


HDMI x 2

x 2

IR remote


Camera for interactivity accessories

Camera for
interactivity accessories

Available in black or white

Christie Captiva Available in black or white


Download Captiva spec sheet

Laser phosphor illumination explained

We understand that selecting a new projection technology is an investment that takes a lot of planning.
There are many factors to think about. Let us take the stress out of the selection process with these handy
guides that will help you get the right technology for your application.

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Anatomy of a laser
phosphor projector

Christie BoldColor
Technology FAQ


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